Lager than life... Lagerfeld that is.... HA

I think I have expressed my ongoing adoration, admiration, and general awe when it comes to Karl Lagerfeld. I love that man. Seriously. HE IS SO COOL. The Chanel Spring/Summer 2010 Ready To Wear collection featured absolutely darling numbers. Subtle colours, lace, and clogs. Seriously though, I love lace, I am in complete love with it. It is romantic and feminine and pretty and so many things that make me ADORE it.
There was of course the classical Chanel suit thrown in a few times, how could it not be? Obviously. There was one red blazer/ skirt combo with matching clogs, but that was really the extent of the colour for the collection, it was mostly beige, cream or white, and black. 
These are a few of my favorite looks, they are all so unique but so Chanel. The splash of colour on the one to the left is very refreshing after 65 cream or black frocks. Not that they aren't nice, I love them, like the one above makes me feel like I could be in Russia or some strict European school, but I love it. The one to the right is really beautiful in its details, but it seems pretty simple at first glance. The clogs are starting to grow on me, I was very very VERY skeptical at first, but they actually work well, like the two above to the left, I am trying to picture the ensembles with other shoes and it just isn't giving the same vibe. I saved the best for last, this is by far my most favorite dress in the entire collection, Alexa Chung wore it recently, she's got good taste.
Thats all for now lovelies. xo


Food Commodities.... what?

phew. it was a work out at times.
To celebrate, I am going to paint my nails (well, really, I am waiting for everyone to finish their exam so we can go OUTTT ) but in the meantime, I am gonna paint my nails.

Now, choosing my nail colour is always a challenge..... I find it one at least.
I have a few favorites...

Revlon, Revlon Red, number 680. It is gorgeoussssss. Like someone bit into a really red strawberry and you dipped your fingertips in it. Such a good colour for.. well anytime. It goes with anything, and everything. It just does, Its like zebra print or neon, a neutral in disguise. Obviously.

Nicole by OPI, The Right Thing, number 232. It is like bright coral pink candy in a nail polish. Happy and springy, it honestly lifts my mood. It looks awesome with bright yellow or turquoise, jus' sayin'....

GOSH, Golden Brown, number 573. Its a gold disco ball on each fingertip. Soooooo shimmery and fun. Its absolutely stunning. I have to catch myself when I start looking at it for too long. I must look like such a tool, examining my nails for an extended period of time.

RIMMEL London, Black Satin, number 399. Black. My favorite nail polish ever. There is something so gothic, punk, dark, troubled about it. But it looks so great when you wear light pastels with it, like in spring time. The contrast is quite striking and I love it.

Overall, nail polish makes your fingers look longer, prettier and all around better. In my opinion. It is the best of the accessories. You can change it based on your mood and has multiple uses. Where's the bad?... well, I suck at painting mine still, they are always really messy until the excess gets rubbed off... ahah

Now, go paint your nails some dramatic colour. DO ITTTTTTTTT. :D
Did I mention I am finished my first year of university? Well, I am.



7 things (with no specific reference to miley cyrus... ok maybe a little one)

As per Lindsay's request award thing which I was tagged in, I am sharing 7 things y'al might not know about me...

1) I eat A LOT
2) I did competitive gymnastics for 10 years, competed at nationals twice and in Japan at the moon salto cup
3) I am about to go eat supper
4) Song of the moment - sink into me by taking back sunday
5) I have an odd obsession with moccasins and carrie bradshaw hair (i DO NOT possess such an awesome characteristic)
6) I have all the Harry Potter books pretty much memorized
7) i believe anything is possible for serisous, like i believe i am going to survive my 2 exams tomorrow

that is all back to supper and studying :)


Fire and Ice

One of the most influential, and respected resources in fashion? Vogue.
The most influential, respected, and feared face in fashion? Anna Wintour, Vogue's editor.
The person behind the images on the glossy, breathtaking pages? Grace Coddington, Vogue's creative director.
The September Issue? The biggest, most important, and talked about Vogue issues....

The September issue in 2009 was huge. As usual. I am talking over 800, 900 pages? That's BIG. The documentary directed by R.J. Cutler called The September Issue, followed Wintour and her staff through the process of making the infamous issue. It highlighted the process and got very close with interviews featuring Wintour, Coddington, and many others including Andre Leon Talley. Wintour and Coddington have an understanding. The film outlines this very well, while they do not agree all the time and there is tension, together they produce an absolutely incredible magazine. One that influences the entire industry. What Anna says, goes. A fact emphasized in the film, sometimes at the expense of other people's creative liberty.

Anna Wintour, was born November 4th 1949, she has been Editor in Chief at Vogue since 1988. She is, undoubtedly, the last word in fashion. A fixture in the front row of all major fashion shows, always in her signature sunglasses and probably some fur. She must be incredibly intimidating. Everything about her exudes power and superiority. She is known to show little emotion and be fairly icy even to those with whom she is close. She has 2 kids with her ex-husband David Shaffer. The most personality she exhibits in the film was when she was talking with her daughter. Her style is very clean cut, straight dresses coming to the knee in attention grabbing patters, cardigans and killer heels. She is classy and put together, the iconic cropped bob has become synonymous with Anna Wintour.  She is one of the greatest editors of all time in my opinion. She has an incredible eye for detail, and is decisive enough to pull everything together.

Grace Coddington, on the other hand, is not like Wintour, minus the stubbornness and the incredible talent(which is why they tend to clash, too much creative talent mixed with opinions) She is the most amazing stylists of all time, she can envision, execute and produce an emotion. In her words, she was left behind somewhere, she is still a romantic. How she views herself is irrelevant because what she is, is brilliant. She was born in 1941 on a small island called Angelsey, Whales. Her simplistic lifestyle was in no way shape or form Vogue. The only real access she had to the fashion world was her 3 month out of date Vogue issues she anxiously awaited. At the age of 17, she won the younger category of Vogue's model competition, and began modeling. She was in a car accident when she was 26 and lost her eyelid, later got plastic surgery to fix it, but that was the end of her modeling career. At 28, she became junior editor at British Vogue, later joining Wintour at US Vogue in 1988. She is still Vogue's creative director to this day.
She has styled some of the most gorgeous shoots I have ever seen. Some are highlighted in the documentary, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. Her style is much more muted, almost dumpy compared to Wintour. she wears mostly black, and no stilettos are anywhere in sight. Her crazy red hair is worn wild most of the time, only pulled back in a sleek ponytail once in the entire documentary.
She is much more personable, and funnier than Wintour, so much so that it has been said she steals the show from Wintour in the documentary.

Overall, probably the best way I could have possibly spent my night. Definitely in my top 5 movies and one I will actually watch again. I want to be Grace Coddington. That is all.


into the wild....

Earlier today, It was brought to my attention that studying for spring examinations are the absolute worst idea ever. Who came up with it seriously?? I mean ok studying in the winter, not as bad because its gross out in the maritimes, kind of sucked that it was christmas time and studious times were upon us however. Spring gets so pretty here in the Valley! All I want to do is lay on a blanket outside with a book and nail polish! Instead, I spend my days shoving into my head, Lindsay has decided the best way of doing so is through the ears, I am not convinced. I believe you have to plug the other one at all times in order for it to work. Anyways, me and my friends Lindsay and Jennah took a study break and ventured into the wild and mysterious botanical gardens.

Me and Jennah had a few lovely moments, captured by the lovely Lindsay. The wildlife we encountered inspired me a great deal. I was on one of my favorite blogs the other day http://eatreallysuperfast.blogspot.com and there was a DIY post called tattoo tights, where you put on black tights and then pantyhose on top then you draw all over them, and when you take the black ones off and just wear the decorated ones it looks soooo stunning. I am making them my I'm done school project. I saw so many flowers and leaves and fun things to draw all over them :) Like my little log dweller below.
I think thats all my brain can handle after a few long days of studying and exam writing... holy the end is near.  
wooooo go outside and suck up some vitamin D tomorrow, god what are you reading this for?? 



Its spring for serious now my darlings.
It really truly is. I mean it, can't you hear the birds a chirpin' and the gleeful shouts of children (and my expressions of gaiety at the resurface of GLEE.. <3 ) of course you can hear it what am I talking about. Silly me. I decided, in honour of the turn of the season, I would explore a little world I like to call Anna Sui.
WHAT A WOLRD IT IS! full of mixing patterns, and fabrics and general wildness that I adoreeeee.
The spring 2010 ready to wear that came out in September of 2009, it was full of butterflies, stars, flowers metallic and shiny, sheer fabrics. Tassels on shoes and magnificent details were quite prominent as well.

The first look in the collection was fantabulous. Floral and military cape? yes please. Just so contrasting yet cohesive. You can't tell its a cape until she turns around and walks away. Sweet deal.
The one to the right, well its just, it is. It has a cat! on a sweatervest. The pattern is really jazzy and the close up of the wrist adornment is quite intriguing, it has circles cut out and then the metal stuff is in there and whatnot. Basically, i'd wear it.

Anna Sui has the craziest pattern mixing ever. I adore it. Its kind of twisted sometimes I find though. Unbelievably awesome, but twisted. Like in this show, the shiny black stars on purple next to black stars on blue, or this little combo of a million things. I love that the more you stare at the middle of the dress, the more it seems to move and twist and spin and gah optical illusions!!!
The tights are also fun, you could use them as a method of judging the appropriateness of your skirt length. Oh the stripes are showing, better change for work.
See Anna is functional AND fashionable. Best of both worlds. The penny loafer/moccasin things have these cool butterfly..? things on them which I think are just the cutest thing.

The shoes in this show. WOW. I loveeee them. There are these cool metallic/ patent almost penny loafers and butterfuly front cutout wedges and gladiators that crawl up to models legs ever so elegantly. There were a lot of looks that had sandals paired with knee high stirrup socks? I had no notion of their existence prior to this.
These sneaker type things are sooo rockin' I would like to jam to some ke$ha while struttin' down the street. It would be fairly fitting I'd say.

My absolute favorite looks from the collection however consist of these two little numbers. They are light, classy and easy to wear. I am diggin' them H-core ( H as in hard, thus hard core, as in diggin' them A LOT) But you're smart, you knew that. I was just sayin'.
That's about all for now I think... yep I'm finished. Smile. Breath.
xo clare


"Did you know dolphins are just gay sharks?"

                                               Two words for you. American Apparel.
For those of you unfortunate enough to be unaware of this spectacularly amazing place, it is a wonderland of sheer jersey, spandex, crazy bright colours and controversial-almost-porn-advertising.
I was young, and ignorant if its existence once too my friends, so fear not, if you are one of those non-american apparel shoppers, prepare to be converted.
Under the fluorescent lights bouncing off the stark white walls and the mod furniture, a treasure trove of bright basics awaits you. As do some not-so-basic articles.

Currently, I am pining over a certain few items.... I would love to be the proud owner of this frilly, girly, fantastic petticoat type deal. It is very versatile, i mean, on its own with a T-shirt, or a tank and some vintage bling, or under a flared dress to create a 50's vibe. OH SO DARLING. This is one of their more, shall we say tame ads.
I am also on the hunt for a good pair of old jeans, actually several. I want to make some cool cutoffs for the summer. I want a pair of higher waisted, pretty short shorts, with a zipper up each side, inspired by these american apparel ones, which I can't get unless ordered online, and while I love them, I would rather make them myself than pay the extra shipping and whatnot. I also want a pair of bigger, more boyfriend style ones that i can cut mid-thigh and wear to their fullest mary-kate grunge-esk potential. I would also like to find some really cool spandex type material and make some bicycle shorts... I was thinking light pink with red lips? Just a thought. Or Bright blue with yellow lightening bolts. That's all I got goin' on in my little brain for DIY's. More will pop up obviously.  Back to American Apparel town, ok I also would like to get some basic tanks from them for the summer, because they are so easy to wear ad fit really nicely and are just so great. I want one in every colour, which trust me, is a pretty big number, when it comes to tank top buying.

From American Apparel however, I have serveral sweaters and shirts, the occasional cardigan, a plethera of leggings and a few scarves, some really cool lace bras and bodysuit, skinny jeans and a few other little items. Mommers just bought me a lovely long sleeved, lace backed kind of loose pullover.
Its cream coloured, but the lace is a light pink. Absolutely delightful. And very innocent until you see the lace. HELLO BACK! Its really fun to wear.

Seeing as I do have an examination in the afternoooooon tomorrow, I should probably either study or sleep, I mean one or the other, which to choose... HAHA


On the Flip Side She's Shakin' Her Backside, Slow Down Young Girl, You Gotta Slow Down, Somebody's Gon' Crash

These are studious times my friends.
Amidst all my frantic chemistry, human nutrition, food and people, food commodities and psychology learning (which is going miraculously well) i found it imperative to my health and sanity that I direct my attention to something that actually holds my attention sans effort as it were.
My adventure brought me to youtube. Because what else do you do when you are looking for mindless distraction? - youtube.
On my homepage? does youtube have a homepage? I guess its more like a welcome page.... Anyways, under the recommended for you section at the bottom, the video for Lady Gaga's new musical endeavor was suggested to me. Now, I normally wouldn't select this sort of entertainment, Lady Gaga to be specific, I am more than capable of wasting hours watching music videos (Dashboard Confessional's Belle of the Boulevard is among my favorites right now)  BUT i decided to give it a shot because, well it is 10 minutes long, and there must be SOMETHING worth seeing in a 10 minute long music video...Was I right or was I right? I was right. The video is weird to the 23492th power, and oh so Lady Gaga, with some bodaciousness thrown in there thanks to the one and only Beyonce.
Little confused as to why the security guards (women that I am convinced were actually men, but who am I to judge? I have big shoulders too) felt it necessary to strip LG down in the cell, but that allowed for the dance sequence that featured her black X clad chest, so I suppose, there was no other way to lead into that. Good Solution.
The video itself actually features a decent amount of my favorite trends as of late- the strong silhouettes featuring protruding shoulders and scandalous hemlines, is a common thread, starting with her sequined black and white "convict" gettup. The studded leather, is actually my most favorite. In the scene where they are all looking BAD ASS as shit in their tough girl gear. Why can't I just be like you without the criminal record? Oh right I forgot, pulling off that level of leather and metal requires some sort of misdemeanor or encounter with the law.
Beyonce looks, well, like I have never seen her before, its a much tougher side. In a LG way so I was first confused, by the metallic almost black lipstick, which was a feature on the YSL runway in winter of 2008 then accepted it.  
The sequence in the car is a great throwback to the most badass chick flick I have ever watched, Thelma and Louise (if you haven't seen it, DO SO, Brad Pitt is actually mouthwatering in his first real breakout roll. A truely eyegasmic sex scene) 


I got to looking at other music videos, including Miley Cyrus's Party in the USA, where she looks pretty decent, not gonna lie. The cowboy boot and daisy duke cutoffs are well worked....

I personally like how Ke$ha rocked it in Blah Blah Blah, (she is just so rockin' I would like to host a clothing exchange featuring her clothes, and I would be the only one invited. I have yet to determine how she will benefit, once I figure it out however, she will most definitely be down for the idea) The crazy fur specimen of a Bolero she's got goin' on in the beginning of the video while she is soaring high above the ground on wires I am assuming, if she could actually fly, that would be the only way she could get any cooler, is really pulled off well, I approve.
Look at that, just so rockin'
Ok, the treatement of Anorexia and Bulemia Nervosa Beckon, then NUTRITION AND AGING!
I am so lucky. I love my life.
I really actually do, that's the funny thing, not that aspect, but my life in a nutshell is beyond awesome.


... There's a Fashion Week in Atlantic Canada?...YES MY FRIENDS

AFW4= 4th Annual Atlantic Fashion Week!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fashion Week. A week dedicated to Fashion. Fashion for 7 whole days. Well really, in this case, in Halifax, Fashion Week runs from April 15th to the 18th. Guess what? my exams start the 14th, and I have three between the 14th and the 17th. SO NO FASHION WEEK FOR CLARE. Not cool, seriously not impressed at this recent development in my life. The week looks action packed and has a general awesomeness rating of 1759878 out of 10. 
Where is this awesomeness rating coming from? well, its a mixture of my own views on the whole matter, multiplied by the fashion factor, and divided by the awesome component. 
The fashion factor is influenced by many things, people in attendance, the level to which creativity is embraced, the attire observed in the environment, and of course the events themselves. which INCLUDES:

Tuesday April 15th 2010, starting at 8, extending until 11 pm. At the lovely O'Regan's Mercedes Benz- Kempt Rd.

featuring a range of designers who are bravely stepping out in the world, bearing their soul out to the world, letting us judge their precious little babies. I admire them greatly. wow. ALSO 1$ from each ticket goes to the One x One children's charity. You would be doing humanity a disservice by NOT going...Duh

Friday April 16th 2010 starting at 8 alll the way till 11 pm. World Trade Center.
This one is legit. I wanna go... OH wait, I have to stay here and study for tomorrow's exam.
Sunday April 18th, 6:30- 10 pm, World Trade Center.

Should be funnn Check it out on facebook, just search 4th annual atlantic fashion week. :)

I don't know why this post is so messed up, it isn't really agreeing with anything I tell it to do. I am not sure mabe when its posted the little lines will be gone and the font will match, but if not, alas, you'll have to muddle through, i am sure you will manage. :p 
TGIF <3 


I feel kind of like a superhero..

so lovely, just so so lovely. I accomplished so many things...
1) ate way too much chocolate
2) dyed eggs with extraordinary ease
3) powered through a good 6 magazines yay Nylon and Teenvogue
4) ate way too much of everything, including some more chocolate

This shirt is from the 80's, I found it one day whilst perusing the racks at one of my favorite vintage/ local designer stores.
The details on it are really cool, the fabric is actually brushed two different ways so when you look closely it looks like a tiger. There is a zipper going all the way down the back with a cute little button at the top. I love the silhouette it makes, the seaming along the sides is quite strategic really.
Essentially, I feel like I should be captain on a star trek ship or something. :D
My gold cuffs came from a lovely little gem of a place called the black market. Not the illegal one my friends. No, this one is a real store, it sells vast amounts of jewelery and the likes, scarves and bohemian type tops and skirts and then there is the odd giant wooden penis, or tribal mask. Its a wonderland.
Mixing Star Trek with Warrior Princess? I'm down. Apparently. :)
That's all for now y'all!
Keep smiling, please and thanks. If you are having trouble- here is a little tidbit for you: I was walking down the street today and this old man stopped me and asked if I had the time, and then I said sure and told him, and then he laughed reallllly hard, like a legit belly laugh, and was like no you don't. Then walked away, I am pretty sure he was still laughing.