baby it's cold outside.... FINALLY

Hey, so seeing as it has basically been summer here the past few weeks when really it should be winter.
It hasn't felt very Christmas-ish yet, you know? I absolutely love- no, ADORE the holidays. My family has so many traditions, the same way of decorating, baking and everything, it is the happiest I am all year, which is saying a lot because I am always pretty happy!
Here is our tree and my favourite ornament as well!!!
The unicorn was my dad's mom's and I love it, its gorgeous. The mane is really soft and fluffy too.
We have a little tree out in our backyard too, we put up the other stuff too, the old skates and skies, usually there are all bird houses, old garden tools and stuff up there.

Here is my little bluejay friend! He came for a visit, actually birds flocked our backyard when we finished putting out all the bird seeds and corn cobs. 

Another holiday tradition I love is baking, we always do all together, my mom and her friends do a cookie exchange every year, it's great fun!

I was assigned elf duty, I wrapped presents for a long, long time for my mom, pretty sure I did her whole side of the family, dad's side is next!

One other thing I am looking forward to wearing again, is my mom's old hudson bay coat, it has great fur around the hood and I look like a little eskimo.

That's all for now I guess, MERRY CHRISTMAS, and Happy Holidays!