Barcelona on the brain....

Boyfriend is currently in Europe.
Started in Paris, then Arles and somewhere else in France, and is now in Barcelona, Spain.
Needless to say  I am incredibly jealous. There are so many inspiring aspects to those places.
The colours, shapes, history, architecture and energy influence the dress of the entire population, and people like me halfway around the world.

The lights in Paris make me want to wear sequins and metallic things, crazy jewelry and bright red lipstick. It is such a glamorous, romantic vibe that is infectious. You can feel it just looking at pictures of the streets. 
The cream walls and red clay roofs filling the sides of the blue water in Arles, France make me want to don flowing white dresses, eyelet lace and denim. Maybe some linen thrown in and definitely huge sunglasses. Easy carefree ensembles would rule my world while touring around the area.
The intricate details and designs in the buildings of Barcelona make me want to wear a pallet of brown and beige, mix textures and patterns with wooden accessories. The fruit vendors in Barcelona seem to provide the best inspiration. The amazing colours and shapes instantly put me in a good mood and make me want to wear ten different colours at once.

BASICALLY I want to go to Europe and wear fabulous clothes while sitting at a quaint cafe sipping on esspresso and observing the passerbys.
That's it for now!