If you could be anyone for a day....?

To me, a girl crush is defined as the following: A feeling of admiration, respect and attraction to another female. This may arise due to admiration, respect and attraction to this person's wardrobe, hair, choices, lifestyle, make up,personality, or accomplishments.

In the Case of Blake Lively, its all of he above. I want her wardrobe most of all, did you know she doesn't use a stylist? because she doesn't. She always looks impeccable and makes all the right choices. Her hair is long and full and everything mine is no, she hardly needs make up, but it is always beautiful and she never wears too much.

Recently, she has also been named the face of Chanel's Mademoiselle bag, and she is rockin' the ad campaign.

I love her style and she is effortlessly classy, makes great choices in her life and is easy to look up to and like. Here are a few of my faveeeee BL looks