He wants me to do what?

You know those requests you get, you think about it for a second and you realize that you have no idea how to do it?
I have to design, create a pattern, and actually build a garment for a shot at an amazing opportunity that might actually get my foot in the door of the canadian fashion scene. I don't want to design per-say, but styling and structuring photoshoots, running fashion shows, you can always benefit from understandingthe production and design side of things.

I want to do a big multi-layer skirt that is voluminous and light like clouds, in a pastel- either butter yellow or blue. The top I would pair it with a chunky knit and patterned tank but since I am limited to what I can make, I am not sure, I'm thinking maybe a fur vest or something.

Watching America's Next Top Model!!!
I am going to go see if chris or liz goes home! holy moly so intense, till next time. :)