Spring 2011 Couture

Here are a few of my most favourite looks from the recent spring 2011 couture lines...

This Alexis Mabille look is so dramatic! The bow is a wonderful addition to the dress.

I have been on a clutch kick lately, this one from Armani Prive is really interesting,I love the depth it creates.

I couldn't decide between a few of the Chanel looks, I loved so many! But this one I would love to wear all the time! The pants were really cool in all the looks.

Along with the Chanel collection, the Elie Saab collection was one I could hardly choose between.

And finally, of course, Dior had some wonderful silhouettes, here are two of my fav looks.

Those are my fav looks, stay tuned for my top X number of models of the moment...


University Snow Day

So I had the day off today because campus was closed due to weather! YES.
I should be doing my reading, but I decided to start that after lunch. Here are a few outfits I am planning on wearing sooooon!

Ok, my tummy is rumblin' and I have to read, that's all for now!


Love and Lust

Winter Shorts

I love wearing shorts, I really do, with huge gymnast thunder thighs, it is hard to find pants that fit at all! Shorts, dresses and skirts are the way to go, except for the fact that it is FREEZING here. SO tights are a great way to protect my leggies.

I also love my dark denim shorts with black tights, and my little tiny flower printed ones with my argyle tights! They are all great combos! :p

That's all for now, smile like you mean it.


1 Giant sweater, 4 Giant Statements

1 Giant sweater, 4 Giant Statements
1 Giant sweater, 4 Giant Statements by clelan featuring sequin earrings

I would love to curl up next to a fire with a book and some hot chocolate on this freezing January night!!


So the other day, I checked my email, and behold, a notification that charlotte from www.fashionisknowledge.blogspot.com had awarded me with the stylish blog award! 
I was pleasantly surprised, and super grateful, thanks girl! 

So the rules are: 

Rules for receiving the award:

1) Thank and link back to the person that awarded you this award

2) Share 7 things about yourself

3) Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers

4) Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award

Ok, I did a post about 7 things about me a year or so ago, so here are 7 new things...

1) I am currently sitting at work, reading the January issue of W magazine.
2) There is clementine juice all over my phone's screen.
3) I did gymnastics competitively all my life.
4) I worship Grace Coddington.
5) I have big shoulders...
6) I love fashion and shopping (obvi).
7) I have a sister

I follow and love a lot of blogs, and I am not sure if I could pick 15 favourites... Lame I know, but I have a bunch of syllabus, textbook and whatnot reading to do.



Key to my heart...COLOURS

Key to my heart...COLOURS
Key to my heart...COLOURS by clelan featuring rope sandals

Colour me impressed,! I love mixing brights, colour is the best remedy for the winter blues.. or greys.


Hold ME Tight.... CLUTCHES!

Spring/Summer 2011 collections this season churned out some seriously amazing pieces. I am particularly smitten with clutches at the moment, I am lovin' the box clutch seen at Bottega Veneta, Alexander McQueen, Oscar De La Renta, and Diane Von Furstenberg. Here are a few of my favs!

               Bottega Veneta!!!!
                  (knot clutch)
      (above (3) and all 4 corners)

      Diane Von Furstenberg!!!
       (left, right and above)
Matthew Williamson!!! (above) 

 Alexander McQueen (skull clutches) - below and right.

Oscar De La Renta (below)

I am going on a hunt tomorrow for a cheaper version of these box clutches, I have a few places in mind! xo smile like you mean it!

oh darlin' don't you ever grow up, just stay this little...

Tom Ford. The illustrious man of the moment. His current Vogue France project, a spread in the December 2010 issue, features little girls all dolled up in heavy makeup and luxe ensembles. It seems so innocent on paper, little girls playing dress up, harmless right? Wrong. In the spread, the little ones are solemn, and serious, portrayed as almost sultry. They are in extravagant clothes, and on a variety of sets, one of which includes a young girl sprawled out on a tiger rug. The lavish lifestyle and setting for these tiny girls is causing quite the stir in the media. The pictures are almost cute, but then a real look and you walk away feeling...dirty, for lack  of a better word. The images taint childhood, and sexualize girls younger than ever before. 
I am by no means saying that Tom Ford is not a genius, he truly truly is. He may have overstepped on this one though. Tom Ford, started out at Parsons in interior architecture. He focused on fashion his last year, but graduated with a degree in interior architecture. He was a fixture at Studio 54, where he found himself, and inspiration for his future collections. He got a job at Gucci in 1990, as the Women's Ready To Wear designer, he quickly took up the menswear and shoe design as well. In 1992 he took over as design director, and then in 1994 became Creative Director. He left the house in 2004, after also overseeing Yves Saint Laurent, where he was Creative Director when Gucci acquired the House. In 2005 he launched the Tom Ford brand. From then till now he has disappeared from Women's Wear a bit. In the January issue of Harper's Bazaar, the article on him shows that he is well loved and accomplished. People have missed him and his collection which he designed with specific women in mind was a huge success, women like Rita Wilson (Who's breast Ford apparently fondled at the fitting), Lisa Eisner, Julianne Moore, and Beyonce walked the runway in his designs. 
 Reading the article, these women love him, they are attracted to him, and he is portrayed as the greatest man on the planet. Trustworthy, intelligent, and sensitive. In my opinion, with this spread, he has gone a little too far. The girl with the toothbrush could be cute, but she is so serious, the lipstick stains on BEAUTE are sweet, but you don't notice them because you are so shocked by the little girl's appearance, the tiger rug is the most disturbing, along with the last one with the bunnies. The chair below left isn't great either. 

                              That's all for now, what do you think of the latest Ford endeavor?


Hang Onto Your Helmuts

Hang Onto Your Helmuts
Hang Onto Your Helmuts by clelan featuring fringe handbags
Helmut Lang that is! These pieces are so interesting. I loved trying to figure out what accessories to pair them with. The clothing is all Helmut Lang, and the accessories a a variety of names. What a wonderful husband/wife collaboration, Nicole and Michael Colovos are a match made in heaven.

let's go have a picnic

let's go have a picnic
let's go have a picnic by clelan featuring cotton skirts
I love the idea of a classic picnic in the country.


So went to Joe Fresh today, well technically went to the grocery store which housed Joe Fresh. Found a few things, only bought one. A pair of baggy, cargo/aviation type pants. They look great with boots, and into the spring months, I can wear them with flats on not so cold days!

Worn with an American Apparel acid wash v-neck (softest t-shirt you will ever own), and Blundstone boots, they are the "Rigger" - totally waterproof leather, and super easy to wear.

Another thing I snagged today was this fur vest from winners, it was only $25, apparently the original price was $175 or something. Worn with my Gap alpaca cardigan, Gap bleached skinny jeans, and loads of bangles.The vest is dark brown, but it kind of looks black in these pictures. I am looking forward to wearing it WITH my aviation pants! WOOHOO.

That's all for now folks, chinese food and a fine french cake awaits me!


second time around

So I have big shoulders. I'm talking strangers commenting asking if I am a swimmer or something, big. I was a gymnast so I did need them, and I am pretty proud of my manly-ness, in a kind of love-hate way. ANYWAYS, where I am going with this is that this jacket masks my big shoulders by being bigger and puffier than they are, so it just looks like the jacket and not me that are big! Basically, this vintage jacket is wonderful, I love the length it is cropped to, just perfect for wearing it with high-waisted skirts. The tag says it is by Marcam. That's all I know because the rest of the tags are worn out.
The shoulder construction is so well done, it is a great jacket for serious! The Bracelet is from mom's old stuff! It is just too cool for school in my humble opinion.                                                    So yeah, talk to you later alligators! xo