second time around

So I have big shoulders. I'm talking strangers commenting asking if I am a swimmer or something, big. I was a gymnast so I did need them, and I am pretty proud of my manly-ness, in a kind of love-hate way. ANYWAYS, where I am going with this is that this jacket masks my big shoulders by being bigger and puffier than they are, so it just looks like the jacket and not me that are big! Basically, this vintage jacket is wonderful, I love the length it is cropped to, just perfect for wearing it with high-waisted skirts. The tag says it is by Marcam. That's all I know because the rest of the tags are worn out.
The shoulder construction is so well done, it is a great jacket for serious! The Bracelet is from mom's old stuff! It is just too cool for school in my humble opinion.                                                    So yeah, talk to you later alligators! xo


  1. nice to know your blog :)

  2. cute blazer



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