knit one pearle two....

Chunky, sleek, bright, neutral, patterned, solid, handmade, homemade, local made, anywhere made! Knits are HERE.
I will just say I love them. There is something so comforting and cozy about a big chunky knit.
I especially love the ones Prada sent down the runway this fall!
These Leggings are just too cool! I can't even deal with it. I want some of the less pricey American Apparel ones!
This sweater is just so grandpa! and the matching pattern in the skirt seems so wrong, but its not!
Layers of knits on top of each other in different textures is absolutely divine in my opinion, I want to feel like a cozy animal but look fabulous too!

Ok, back to annotated bibliography and the likes.
Night Y'all