So went to Joe Fresh today, well technically went to the grocery store which housed Joe Fresh. Found a few things, only bought one. A pair of baggy, cargo/aviation type pants. They look great with boots, and into the spring months, I can wear them with flats on not so cold days!

Worn with an American Apparel acid wash v-neck (softest t-shirt you will ever own), and Blundstone boots, they are the "Rigger" - totally waterproof leather, and super easy to wear.

Another thing I snagged today was this fur vest from winners, it was only $25, apparently the original price was $175 or something. Worn with my Gap alpaca cardigan, Gap bleached skinny jeans, and loads of bangles.The vest is dark brown, but it kind of looks black in these pictures. I am looking forward to wearing it WITH my aviation pants! WOOHOO.

That's all for now folks, chinese food and a fine french cake awaits me!

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  1. You got a fur vest! woo woo!

    I like the pic of you with the pilot pants (that's how I like to think of them in my head), the blue T and the aviators.

    Love the blog, I will check everyday when I check thee other blogs I follow, because I'm compulsive like that.


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