oh darlin' don't you ever grow up, just stay this little...

Tom Ford. The illustrious man of the moment. His current Vogue France project, a spread in the December 2010 issue, features little girls all dolled up in heavy makeup and luxe ensembles. It seems so innocent on paper, little girls playing dress up, harmless right? Wrong. In the spread, the little ones are solemn, and serious, portrayed as almost sultry. They are in extravagant clothes, and on a variety of sets, one of which includes a young girl sprawled out on a tiger rug. The lavish lifestyle and setting for these tiny girls is causing quite the stir in the media. The pictures are almost cute, but then a real look and you walk away feeling...dirty, for lack  of a better word. The images taint childhood, and sexualize girls younger than ever before. 
I am by no means saying that Tom Ford is not a genius, he truly truly is. He may have overstepped on this one though. Tom Ford, started out at Parsons in interior architecture. He focused on fashion his last year, but graduated with a degree in interior architecture. He was a fixture at Studio 54, where he found himself, and inspiration for his future collections. He got a job at Gucci in 1990, as the Women's Ready To Wear designer, he quickly took up the menswear and shoe design as well. In 1992 he took over as design director, and then in 1994 became Creative Director. He left the house in 2004, after also overseeing Yves Saint Laurent, where he was Creative Director when Gucci acquired the House. In 2005 he launched the Tom Ford brand. From then till now he has disappeared from Women's Wear a bit. In the January issue of Harper's Bazaar, the article on him shows that he is well loved and accomplished. People have missed him and his collection which he designed with specific women in mind was a huge success, women like Rita Wilson (Who's breast Ford apparently fondled at the fitting), Lisa Eisner, Julianne Moore, and Beyonce walked the runway in his designs. 
 Reading the article, these women love him, they are attracted to him, and he is portrayed as the greatest man on the planet. Trustworthy, intelligent, and sensitive. In my opinion, with this spread, he has gone a little too far. The girl with the toothbrush could be cute, but she is so serious, the lipstick stains on BEAUTE are sweet, but you don't notice them because you are so shocked by the little girl's appearance, the tiger rug is the most disturbing, along with the last one with the bunnies. The chair below left isn't great either. 

                              That's all for now, what do you think of the latest Ford endeavor?

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