Food Commodities.... what?

phew. it was a work out at times.
To celebrate, I am going to paint my nails (well, really, I am waiting for everyone to finish their exam so we can go OUTTT ) but in the meantime, I am gonna paint my nails.

Now, choosing my nail colour is always a challenge..... I find it one at least.
I have a few favorites...

Revlon, Revlon Red, number 680. It is gorgeoussssss. Like someone bit into a really red strawberry and you dipped your fingertips in it. Such a good colour for.. well anytime. It goes with anything, and everything. It just does, Its like zebra print or neon, a neutral in disguise. Obviously.

Nicole by OPI, The Right Thing, number 232. It is like bright coral pink candy in a nail polish. Happy and springy, it honestly lifts my mood. It looks awesome with bright yellow or turquoise, jus' sayin'....

GOSH, Golden Brown, number 573. Its a gold disco ball on each fingertip. Soooooo shimmery and fun. Its absolutely stunning. I have to catch myself when I start looking at it for too long. I must look like such a tool, examining my nails for an extended period of time.

RIMMEL London, Black Satin, number 399. Black. My favorite nail polish ever. There is something so gothic, punk, dark, troubled about it. But it looks so great when you wear light pastels with it, like in spring time. The contrast is quite striking and I love it.

Overall, nail polish makes your fingers look longer, prettier and all around better. In my opinion. It is the best of the accessories. You can change it based on your mood and has multiple uses. Where's the bad?... well, I suck at painting mine still, they are always really messy until the excess gets rubbed off... ahah

Now, go paint your nails some dramatic colour. DO ITTTTTTTTT. :D
Did I mention I am finished my first year of university? Well, I am.



  1. i'm just gonna have to hate a little cause i'm not done until tuesday and well this is just getting painfully long. it seems as tho the entire world is done before me ughhhh

  2. yay we are done and we did GOOD:)

  3. AnonymousMay 22, 2010

    hahah I love this post :)
    mainly cause WEREE DONE and I love that gosh nail polish you introduced me too!



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