Lager than life... Lagerfeld that is.... HA

I think I have expressed my ongoing adoration, admiration, and general awe when it comes to Karl Lagerfeld. I love that man. Seriously. HE IS SO COOL. The Chanel Spring/Summer 2010 Ready To Wear collection featured absolutely darling numbers. Subtle colours, lace, and clogs. Seriously though, I love lace, I am in complete love with it. It is romantic and feminine and pretty and so many things that make me ADORE it.
There was of course the classical Chanel suit thrown in a few times, how could it not be? Obviously. There was one red blazer/ skirt combo with matching clogs, but that was really the extent of the colour for the collection, it was mostly beige, cream or white, and black. 
These are a few of my favorite looks, they are all so unique but so Chanel. The splash of colour on the one to the left is very refreshing after 65 cream or black frocks. Not that they aren't nice, I love them, like the one above makes me feel like I could be in Russia or some strict European school, but I love it. The one to the right is really beautiful in its details, but it seems pretty simple at first glance. The clogs are starting to grow on me, I was very very VERY skeptical at first, but they actually work well, like the two above to the left, I am trying to picture the ensembles with other shoes and it just isn't giving the same vibe. I saved the best for last, this is by far my most favorite dress in the entire collection, Alexa Chung wore it recently, she's got good taste.
Thats all for now lovelies. xo

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