someone's in the kitchen with Dina, someone's in the kitchen I know

Is a gorgeous, amazing, wonderfully exciting company that sells hair accessories. I am talkin' headbands with big bows with feathers and mesh, metal flowers, more feather like things that I m not exactly sure what they are, basically they are a mishmash of stuff, on your head. I LOVE IT.

The designer's name is Nicole McInnis who grew up on the coast of Nova Scotia, her studio is based in Toronto, and her pieces are sold all accross Canada. The pieces look vintage, but with a modern quirky twist. There are pieces like headbands with bows, or feathers, or swirly creations. Clips like the one I got that have a bit of everything, and those darling little vintage hats with the mesh and feathers that are oh so elegant. Her materials include vintage birdcage veiling, millinery horsehair braid, and feathers. All pieces are handmade, and no two are exactly alike.

I just got back from the trunk show, I got this amazing headpiece that I am going to wear allllllllll the time. I want to go back for a braided horsehair black bow headband with jewels and a metal flower that I died over.

Here are the pictures of my new toy... :)
That would seem to be it. I am pretty excited about it. I was writing my latest sociology assignment and got distracted. WOOOO <3 Go do something productive, like make your mom a mother's day card


  1. LOVE the headband clare bear. you are beautiful girl i miss youuu

  2. Hi Clare!

    Thank you soooo much for posting this bit on your new Oh Dina! baby! I'm so glad that you had a chance to stop by the trunk show (I'm thinking about doing another one in July when I come home again!)

    Nicole (Oh Dina!)


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