you see women dressed, like really dressed up, at 5 pm, it can only mean one thing. Sex And The City has landed in halifax...

 Ok so seeing hoards of fashionably clad young people scurrying around the streets of a smaller but still a city kind of city is not THAT rare. In general however, these heeled, accesorized, and done up dolls don't usually travel in packs large enough to fill. say a movie theatre. Downtown here was flooded with them, at 5 pm this evening. No big deal in New York or Paris, right? Well here it is rare to see 4 girls walking in heels all together.
I was at the movie with my friend Carmen (she's a stunna isnt she ??) AND IT WAS AWESOME!

Except for the creepy man who looked like a creepy stalker who could ahve saty anywhere in the
empty seats around us, (we were a little early) BUT NO he had to sit right next to us. And stare creepliy at us with a little  smirk on his face. Weird. ANYWAYS.
That can't even ruin the amazingness of the movie.
The clothes. were. out. of. this. world. LOVED ALL OF THEM!
especially the hats Carrie got to sport.
I am pretty sure I could look up exaclt what one was the vintage Dior and what the others were too. BUT ELLIE BLACK JUST WON JUNIOR NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS 2010 BEAM TITLE AND THIRD ON VAULT. OH MY GOD GOOD JOB BABY GIRL.
anyways, I am about to paint my nails red and prepare for a day of shopping with my girl carm tomorrow.


NIGHT lovelies
A very excited and overjoyed Clare. Over and Out.

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