I feel kind of like a superhero..

so lovely, just so so lovely. I accomplished so many things...
1) ate way too much chocolate
2) dyed eggs with extraordinary ease
3) powered through a good 6 magazines yay Nylon and Teenvogue
4) ate way too much of everything, including some more chocolate

This shirt is from the 80's, I found it one day whilst perusing the racks at one of my favorite vintage/ local designer stores.
The details on it are really cool, the fabric is actually brushed two different ways so when you look closely it looks like a tiger. There is a zipper going all the way down the back with a cute little button at the top. I love the silhouette it makes, the seaming along the sides is quite strategic really.
Essentially, I feel like I should be captain on a star trek ship or something. :D
My gold cuffs came from a lovely little gem of a place called the black market. Not the illegal one my friends. No, this one is a real store, it sells vast amounts of jewelery and the likes, scarves and bohemian type tops and skirts and then there is the odd giant wooden penis, or tribal mask. Its a wonderland.
Mixing Star Trek with Warrior Princess? I'm down. Apparently. :)
That's all for now y'all!
Keep smiling, please and thanks. If you are having trouble- here is a little tidbit for you: I was walking down the street today and this old man stopped me and asked if I had the time, and then I said sure and told him, and then he laughed reallllly hard, like a legit belly laugh, and was like no you don't. Then walked away, I am pretty sure he was still laughing.

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