"I thought you were just magical, like unicorns..."

So, today I wore socks and sandals, BUT I wore my current favorite Vintage store find with it, a marc jacobs sweater. Yes it is a men's sweater, but what do you do when you find second hand marc jacobs? you buy it. That over yonder to the left ( HA to the left to the left, Beyonce anyone? no... ok) is my favorite picture of Marc Jacobs. He just exudes awesomeness.

It isn't blatantly a man's sweater, its pretty cool actually, striped and normal sweatshirt material, fuzzy on one side and uniform on the other. BUT the twist is that this sweater, has the fuzzy on the outside, so the inside is really like a normal sweater's outside. I was, needless to say, overjoyed at the discovery of it in the back of my favorite vintage store. Even while wearing this sweater, i found myself in an odd sort of mood.

You know those days, the days where you have done really nothing of importance except finish a chem assignment, essentially sat on your behind waiting for some kind of inspiration, but none comes, and you ask yourself why. Even flipping through the pages of Nylon leaves something left to be desired, and trust me, that doesn't happen often. I mean seriously, look at it, doesn't that just scream "read me I will fill your silly little head with knowledge and ideas" ???
SO I decided to get myself out of this slump and into not a slump. Well, really Erin decided. She suggested a lovely walk out in nature, instead of the gym. It was so awesome. Fresh air really does amazing things to your brain, when the wind blew, I could actually feel the cobwebs being cleaned out of my head. SO here I sit, ideas swirling freely around my brain, like the next post I am working on, the way in which I plan on organizing my study habits for this round of examinations, and of course, what I am going to wear tomorrow... I am thinkning the shirt that makes me feel like I could be captain of some ship in Star Trek.... Good things to come my friends.

Now, go find something funny and laugh at it. Seriously, do it. Smiling actually sends messages to your brain that makes you happier. Facial Feedback. Thanks Psychology 1023....

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  1. you're my favorite and make me happy ahah please post more often so i can procrastinate from chem for longer :)
    ~ DC


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