XOXO Gossip Girl..... IS THIS A JOKE?

Oh Kayyyyy
So, you know how everyone has their guilty pleasures, and their dirty little secrets.... like your mom secretly likes to lick the spoon when she is making a cake, or your best friend blasts her music and dances like a nutcase in her room for precisely 12 minutes everyday. WELL mine, is Gossip Girl. I know it isn't that scandalous, but the scandal is that I am not really in it for he show, yeah the characters are gorgeous, and the fact that they are all with each other offers up varying degrees of cuteness, but the truth is, really, i'm in it for the clothes.
           Seriously, the stylist for that show (eric damen, is that his name? I believe he is still in that position, I mean he is doing a pretty stellar job, why get rid of him now, if it ain't broke, don't fix it in my humble opinion) has his shit figured.
            I mean god. The schoolgirl look was revamped to turn away from pure sex and transformed into classy and in style, yet with a girlish flair. If you told me cable knit leggings could be sexy, I would have scoffed, yes scoffed in your face. Blair's iconic headband has had major influence over girls everywhere.The out of school clothing, well god, its just to die for. From Blair's preppy, designer duds, and Serena's trend savvy choices, to Jenny's incredible transformation to the dark and intriguing look which she now possesses.
          So I was all ready to go get my GG fix for the week, and oh good try clare, sorry but DANCING WITH THE STARS HAS TAKEN GG'S PLACE.... ok ctv or whatever channel to whom I entrusted my weekly satisfaction, that's just great. Now what, I watch GG online, on Saturday nights AT 9? Alright, well we aren't friends anymore.

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  1. i still think that you should watch it online. in fact we could make it a date cause i watch it weekly and yeah it is also my guilty pleasure ahah


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