So, first post, on my first blog.
I don't know how I am expected to feel about that... excited? potentially. happy? most likely. exposed? definitely.
This whole blogging thing is actually a terrifying world. People reading my thoughts and ideas, judging them and forming their own, potentially conflicting opinions.... I hope I can handle it... HA too late.

Anyway, a little about me, I am cheery and happy, pretty much all the time, unless I'm not, which is a rare occurrence. I think everyone has some kind of good in them, you just gotta dig a bit. I am just like my dad, actually a lot like my mom too, and I look like both of them equally, so really I have no idea who I am more like. My sister is totally opposite of me, but she is a lot like both of the parentals too... weird.

I have a passion for fashion, ew please don't ever say that, and I am sorry if you have some burning desire to do so (that's another thing, sorry is basically my favorite word, I say it when I don't need to, but feel like I should just to be safe) but it is an unfortunate expression that has been worked into our brains from a very early age, watching girls on tv playing with passion for fashion dolls and the likes. I am negatively impressed, as it were. My bad, got a little off track there, back to the important stuff, some of my favs include Marc Jacobs, enough said. Karl Lagerfeld, as a person he is just the bee's knees and as the creative director and head designer of Chanel, I more or less worship him.
Balenciaga and Balmain have recently (well relatively recently, aka within the past 2 years, because before that, really I was naive and unaware of my surroundings) become two of my favorite houses as well.

smile, right now, do it. thank you.


  1. Hey ! congratulations on your blog ! It isn't all that scary, it gets better lol ! I have learned a lot from doing it. It is a lot of fun and it's awesome to have a place you can go where all of your ideas and inspirations are kept in one place!

  2. I love you :)

  3. clare i love it!! - em

  4. Clare!! I love how you find time to do fun stuff like this when I know how busy you always are :), I don't know how you do it! I like reading this, it sounds so much like the Clare I know!

    miss you, love you <3 - R Hebb


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