On the Flip Side She's Shakin' Her Backside, Slow Down Young Girl, You Gotta Slow Down, Somebody's Gon' Crash

These are studious times my friends.
Amidst all my frantic chemistry, human nutrition, food and people, food commodities and psychology learning (which is going miraculously well) i found it imperative to my health and sanity that I direct my attention to something that actually holds my attention sans effort as it were.
My adventure brought me to youtube. Because what else do you do when you are looking for mindless distraction? - youtube.
On my homepage? does youtube have a homepage? I guess its more like a welcome page.... Anyways, under the recommended for you section at the bottom, the video for Lady Gaga's new musical endeavor was suggested to me. Now, I normally wouldn't select this sort of entertainment, Lady Gaga to be specific, I am more than capable of wasting hours watching music videos (Dashboard Confessional's Belle of the Boulevard is among my favorites right now)  BUT i decided to give it a shot because, well it is 10 minutes long, and there must be SOMETHING worth seeing in a 10 minute long music video...Was I right or was I right? I was right. The video is weird to the 23492th power, and oh so Lady Gaga, with some bodaciousness thrown in there thanks to the one and only Beyonce.
Little confused as to why the security guards (women that I am convinced were actually men, but who am I to judge? I have big shoulders too) felt it necessary to strip LG down in the cell, but that allowed for the dance sequence that featured her black X clad chest, so I suppose, there was no other way to lead into that. Good Solution.
The video itself actually features a decent amount of my favorite trends as of late- the strong silhouettes featuring protruding shoulders and scandalous hemlines, is a common thread, starting with her sequined black and white "convict" gettup. The studded leather, is actually my most favorite. In the scene where they are all looking BAD ASS as shit in their tough girl gear. Why can't I just be like you without the criminal record? Oh right I forgot, pulling off that level of leather and metal requires some sort of misdemeanor or encounter with the law.
Beyonce looks, well, like I have never seen her before, its a much tougher side. In a LG way so I was first confused, by the metallic almost black lipstick, which was a feature on the YSL runway in winter of 2008 then accepted it.  
The sequence in the car is a great throwback to the most badass chick flick I have ever watched, Thelma and Louise (if you haven't seen it, DO SO, Brad Pitt is actually mouthwatering in his first real breakout roll. A truely eyegasmic sex scene) 


I got to looking at other music videos, including Miley Cyrus's Party in the USA, where she looks pretty decent, not gonna lie. The cowboy boot and daisy duke cutoffs are well worked....

I personally like how Ke$ha rocked it in Blah Blah Blah, (she is just so rockin' I would like to host a clothing exchange featuring her clothes, and I would be the only one invited. I have yet to determine how she will benefit, once I figure it out however, she will most definitely be down for the idea) The crazy fur specimen of a Bolero she's got goin' on in the beginning of the video while she is soaring high above the ground on wires I am assuming, if she could actually fly, that would be the only way she could get any cooler, is really pulled off well, I approve.
Look at that, just so rockin'
Ok, the treatement of Anorexia and Bulemia Nervosa Beckon, then NUTRITION AND AGING!
I am so lucky. I love my life.
I really actually do, that's the funny thing, not that aspect, but my life in a nutshell is beyond awesome.


  1. Hahah ... I love how you did this instead of study. You are my hero :)

  2. only my clare would love the studded leather best :)
    love love love youuuu


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