"Did you know dolphins are just gay sharks?"

                                               Two words for you. American Apparel.
For those of you unfortunate enough to be unaware of this spectacularly amazing place, it is a wonderland of sheer jersey, spandex, crazy bright colours and controversial-almost-porn-advertising.
I was young, and ignorant if its existence once too my friends, so fear not, if you are one of those non-american apparel shoppers, prepare to be converted.
Under the fluorescent lights bouncing off the stark white walls and the mod furniture, a treasure trove of bright basics awaits you. As do some not-so-basic articles.

Currently, I am pining over a certain few items.... I would love to be the proud owner of this frilly, girly, fantastic petticoat type deal. It is very versatile, i mean, on its own with a T-shirt, or a tank and some vintage bling, or under a flared dress to create a 50's vibe. OH SO DARLING. This is one of their more, shall we say tame ads.
I am also on the hunt for a good pair of old jeans, actually several. I want to make some cool cutoffs for the summer. I want a pair of higher waisted, pretty short shorts, with a zipper up each side, inspired by these american apparel ones, which I can't get unless ordered online, and while I love them, I would rather make them myself than pay the extra shipping and whatnot. I also want a pair of bigger, more boyfriend style ones that i can cut mid-thigh and wear to their fullest mary-kate grunge-esk potential. I would also like to find some really cool spandex type material and make some bicycle shorts... I was thinking light pink with red lips? Just a thought. Or Bright blue with yellow lightening bolts. That's all I got goin' on in my little brain for DIY's. More will pop up obviously.  Back to American Apparel town, ok I also would like to get some basic tanks from them for the summer, because they are so easy to wear ad fit really nicely and are just so great. I want one in every colour, which trust me, is a pretty big number, when it comes to tank top buying.

From American Apparel however, I have serveral sweaters and shirts, the occasional cardigan, a plethera of leggings and a few scarves, some really cool lace bras and bodysuit, skinny jeans and a few other little items. Mommers just bought me a lovely long sleeved, lace backed kind of loose pullover.
Its cream coloured, but the lace is a light pink. Absolutely delightful. And very innocent until you see the lace. HELLO BACK! Its really fun to wear.

Seeing as I do have an examination in the afternoooooon tomorrow, I should probably either study or sleep, I mean one or the other, which to choose... HAHA


  1. haha i actually enjoyed that episode of gleeee :)
    love you
    PS i want that skirt

  2. i so saw that skirt and WANT it!!!


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