Its spring for serious now my darlings.
It really truly is. I mean it, can't you hear the birds a chirpin' and the gleeful shouts of children (and my expressions of gaiety at the resurface of GLEE.. <3 ) of course you can hear it what am I talking about. Silly me. I decided, in honour of the turn of the season, I would explore a little world I like to call Anna Sui.
WHAT A WOLRD IT IS! full of mixing patterns, and fabrics and general wildness that I adoreeeee.
The spring 2010 ready to wear that came out in September of 2009, it was full of butterflies, stars, flowers metallic and shiny, sheer fabrics. Tassels on shoes and magnificent details were quite prominent as well.

The first look in the collection was fantabulous. Floral and military cape? yes please. Just so contrasting yet cohesive. You can't tell its a cape until she turns around and walks away. Sweet deal.
The one to the right, well its just, it is. It has a cat! on a sweatervest. The pattern is really jazzy and the close up of the wrist adornment is quite intriguing, it has circles cut out and then the metal stuff is in there and whatnot. Basically, i'd wear it.

Anna Sui has the craziest pattern mixing ever. I adore it. Its kind of twisted sometimes I find though. Unbelievably awesome, but twisted. Like in this show, the shiny black stars on purple next to black stars on blue, or this little combo of a million things. I love that the more you stare at the middle of the dress, the more it seems to move and twist and spin and gah optical illusions!!!
The tights are also fun, you could use them as a method of judging the appropriateness of your skirt length. Oh the stripes are showing, better change for work.
See Anna is functional AND fashionable. Best of both worlds. The penny loafer/moccasin things have these cool butterfly..? things on them which I think are just the cutest thing.

The shoes in this show. WOW. I loveeee them. There are these cool metallic/ patent almost penny loafers and butterfuly front cutout wedges and gladiators that crawl up to models legs ever so elegantly. There were a lot of looks that had sandals paired with knee high stirrup socks? I had no notion of their existence prior to this.
These sneaker type things are sooo rockin' I would like to jam to some ke$ha while struttin' down the street. It would be fairly fitting I'd say.

My absolute favorite looks from the collection however consist of these two little numbers. They are light, classy and easy to wear. I am diggin' them H-core ( H as in hard, thus hard core, as in diggin' them A LOT) But you're smart, you knew that. I was just sayin'.
That's about all for now I think... yep I'm finished. Smile. Breath.
xo clare

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