into the wild....

Earlier today, It was brought to my attention that studying for spring examinations are the absolute worst idea ever. Who came up with it seriously?? I mean ok studying in the winter, not as bad because its gross out in the maritimes, kind of sucked that it was christmas time and studious times were upon us however. Spring gets so pretty here in the Valley! All I want to do is lay on a blanket outside with a book and nail polish! Instead, I spend my days shoving into my head, Lindsay has decided the best way of doing so is through the ears, I am not convinced. I believe you have to plug the other one at all times in order for it to work. Anyways, me and my friends Lindsay and Jennah took a study break and ventured into the wild and mysterious botanical gardens.

Me and Jennah had a few lovely moments, captured by the lovely Lindsay. The wildlife we encountered inspired me a great deal. I was on one of my favorite blogs the other day http://eatreallysuperfast.blogspot.com and there was a DIY post called tattoo tights, where you put on black tights and then pantyhose on top then you draw all over them, and when you take the black ones off and just wear the decorated ones it looks soooo stunning. I am making them my I'm done school project. I saw so many flowers and leaves and fun things to draw all over them :) Like my little log dweller below.
I think thats all my brain can handle after a few long days of studying and exam writing... holy the end is near.  
wooooo go outside and suck up some vitamin D tomorrow, god what are you reading this for?? 


  1. well. . . I know I'm reading it for pracrastination benefit. . . But hey, thats just me :)

  2. ahhh ! that was soo much fun. We will have to have a repeat when we come back to school in September ! A summer dress collection perhaps !


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