Tip Top Toppers

What better way to avoid fluffy hair syndrome in the rain than by wearing an adorable coloured felt hat?!?? I say nothing, so here are two looks with two of my favourites.
 The sweater is from H&M, the bug ring as well, the pink short sleeved blouse from a vintage store, and the leggings are lululemon, they have these little mini ruffles down the side of the calves. I am wearing beaded moccasins from a trading post on the Gaspe Coast. 

 Her hat is adorable eh? The floppy bow is my favvvv. The blouse is from Zara, and the cardigan is from Gap, its the softest everrrrrr it has alpaca wool in it. The bangles are forever21 and so is the ring.

That's all for now! Try and stay dry and de-fuzzed! 

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