Post-Valentines Sentiments

Ok, so here it is yet again, the day after Valentines day, and I am again, confused. I really don't understand the holiday. I am not saying I don't like it, I love the candy, and hearts, and making cards for all my friends, going to dinner and getting two desserts! I had a really fun day, BUT what I don't understand, is all the bitter, angry people on Valentines day. I understand what its like to be alone, I have actually never been with someone on Valentines Day, I almost was this year, but that's just how it goes.

I really think, if people can embrace their single-ness and have fun with friends, and NOT sulk in their rooms alone, the day can be a fun excuse to spend some money, eat some good food, and watch bad movies.

Here are some of my favourite things with the Valentines Day theme....


From Top: Marc Jacobs Spring 2011, Kimchi Blue quilted clutch (available at Urbanoutfitters.com)


 Top: Dolce Vita strappy platform wedges. Left: Cooperative platform square heel. (Both at Urban Outfitters) Right: Miu Miu spring 2011.


From Top: Lipstick Queen, Big Bang line. Chanel Midnight Red nail polish.

That's it for my Valentines Day Loves!
smile and be yourself!

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