So this one time, way back when.....

This is my friend, she's gorgeous, fun, adorable, and willing to try anything I threw at her.
                                                                 What a trooper.
We went on quite the adventure today, we scoured the streets for vintage finds! She managed to snag a great navy black and cream romper that must be from about the 70's. The front has great buttons and once the shoulder pads are removed, it will be even more absolutely stunning on her.

For now check out everything we loved but didn't buy....

These plaid pants were so small, but sooooooo snazzy, they were super wide legged and I wish I had less butt to shove into them. The shirt was also great, love the little silver buttons and the blue collar!

These pleated leather pants were a find and a half. This was both of our favourite outfits of the day, we didn't like the shirt by itself, but with the pants it was divine. The scarf completes the look. I love the detailing on the pant pockets, like a pocket inside a pocket! 
 This is another favourite. The leopard print skirt with my plaid shirt, sosososo cute. I wish the skirt was a pair of shorts, they would be so much more justifiable. Anyways, I think these pictures are absolutely stunning, I am surrounded by beauiful people.


The leopard print shrug thing below was another great find, the tweed high-waisted button up skirt was so tiny! But we managed to button it. Not difficult given the size of my model.


 These pants....Oh my god, we were about to leave and I saw them. Light pink leather, and the detailing at the top is so cool! There are these two straps that cross and snap onto the sides of the pants. They are short, around ankle bone territory, and have awesome details, the seaming and everything is just beautiful. 


 These fingerless gloves are a local artist, and so is the earring.

The sheepskin coat is    exactly what I have been looking for this year, but I didn't get it because I didn't have enough money with me. If it is there when I go back it was meant to be. ------>>>

This cardigan is also a local designer, we both loved the colours in it!
This look is one of my favourites, the fur and the colours, they are just so... great.

This bag caught both our eyes! The store was so full of stuff there were bags and hats on the ceiling, shoes lining the walls and racks on the floor, and racks upon racks of clothes. It is kind of overwhelming but once you get into it, it's in a good way. There was so much to pick from, but it was hard to get pictures without being obvious.

We had an incredible outfit done with this fur cape, it has slits in the front, and we had paired it with a cream coloured high necked dress, it has ruffles around the top and the sleeves and it was striped. Solid silk with transparent silk. It looked absolutely divine with the cape on top. Can you say luxury? Well I can, and that was it. We got in trouble for taking pictures, "store policy".
The romper below is so cool, there is bright red under the collar, and yellow peeking out from the pleats in the pockets. The belt has red and green in it as well, the boots were too cool! Thanks to my gorrrrg friend for helping out today!
                                        That's all for now, I'm a sleepy head, time for bedddd!

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