Lions and Tigers and Bears, OH MY....

So my darling little sister kathryn, who you can see on her youtube channel www.youtube.com/user/kathryn2pointOH , and I were having some fun today! We went on a crazy attic adventure, with many unknown creatures lurking in the shadows.
     Up the ladder!!!

Kathryn is wearing a Deluxe long sleeved ribbed thermal, gray corduroy shorts from a vintage store, argyle tights from somewhere our mom found, and a scarf I picked up while in Japan a few years ago! The head band is by a local designer, the flowers are little silk circles singed? burned? at the edges, with pearls and jewels in the center. The flats are from Aldo.
My hat is our mom's, she got it when she went to England when she was younger. The alpaca sweater is from my cousin, she didn't like it, so gave it to me! 
The bracelet is Matt& Nat
                        That's all for now, we didn't get eaten by anything, it was close though!

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